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People in Japan?

This is a long shot but is anyone in the Tokyo area interested in going
to the Grimoire Christmas Party on the night of the 16th? It starts at
11:30 and lasts all night o_o Cost is 2000 yen with flyer, no dress
code. I would only go if I had a friend to go with :3

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Community Brainstorm?

X-posted to Dolly Kei

So, both of the Dolly Kei communities are pretty dead, and was thinking it might be good for the communities to come together and pool for ideas that would make them more active/interesting. Topics of discussion aren't as readily available as they are in communities such as EGL, given that there aren't dolly kei meets, brand releases to follow, or group orders. However, I'm sure there is still plenty to talk about if we come up with some basic ideas! Here are some of the posts that have been made before:

1. Tumblr/photobucket/flickr Dolly Kei photo collections
2. Interviews & articles about Dolly Kei and Grimoire
3. A few photoshoots
4. Styling advice

I think it would also be fun to have more:
1. "Got Items" posts, either asking for styling & coordinating advice, or just to allow the community to share any items they've gotten recently that would work with the fashion.
2. Craft posts would be enjoyable, since another component of Dolly kei is customizing clothing and either customizing or making accessories from scratch.
3. Etsy Treasuries or other links to sites that have items and styles suitable to Dolly Kei
4. More photos for critique or Photoshoots
5. Perhaps posts with photo collections following the style of a particular girl, or different versions of the style (Cult Party vs. Grimoire vs. more mori-leaning dolly).

Any other ideas that might inspire more posting?

Grimoire online shop

They just opened their online shop
Quite a few items are up already.




I am new to this fashion, but am greatly interested in it and I want to begin wearing it. I am also interested in mori girl as well, I was wondering if there were any guides for girls beginning this fashion as there are countless in beginning lolita, and also where I might be able to buy clothing like this online. thanks for your help :)

Introduction + Dolly Kei crafting!

Hello everyone, it's nice to meet you! I just recently discovered Dolly Kei/Grimoire style through Mori Kei. I'm also very into Lolita- although sadly I don't own very much loli stuff yet- and I wear a lot of Steampunk as well.
I was so excited when I found Dolly Kei for two reasons: One, it reminds me of the most crazy beautiful stuff in my old FRUiTS books, and two, I already own a lot of stuff I can work into this style! Sadly I haven't done so yet because it's so disgustingly hot and humid here now. :( Not good for heavy, rich fabrics and layering.
But I want to be ready to start wearing the style when the weather turns nicer, so I've already started working on some crafting to perfect my wardrobe.
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Are there any other Dolly Kei crafters here? Please share what you've made! <3

Outfit - cream and white

I think this is my first real post here, though I comment often. I wore a Dolly inspired outfit last week - less Grimoire and more Tarok and Cult Party, and I'd like some feedback.

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Thank you for looking. ♥
Hi again everyone!

In here there's a note about Grimoire's Dolly Kei party and some photos of the lovely ocasion.

Grimoire's Dolly Kei party at Tokyo Fashion

Hitomi and Kaori blogs at Dropsnap

Hello everyone, first entry for me, and I didn't saw these here so I thought you all would be interested. Hitomi and Kaori have their logs at dropsnap, and I recommend you to keep track of them.

Hitomi // Kaori

And just for you to see
Photos from Hitomi on june 8thCollapse )